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[ # ] Reinventing The Tweel?
October 16th, 2006 under Uncategorized

Programmers love to shout, “Don’t reinvent the wheel!“. I suppose they’ll call this inventing the Tweel then :P. Apparently there’s still problems with noise with regard to this “tweel”. To be honest, after 60 or so years of radial tire indoctrination, I don’t think these tires are going to go down with the boyracers of this world. I don’t forsee these things rolling around the Cape Flats somehow. Also, I have a few questions about the potential safety hazards.

Ever had a kid shove a stick between the spokes of your bicycle wheels?

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[ # 16 ] Comment from Jane Doe [9 November, 2006, 8:38]

The reason the Tweel won’t do down with the boyracers of the world is because a boyracer could never use the word “Tweel” in a sentence and still look cool :p

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