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[ # ] Big Brother Haircut
November 20th, 2006 under Uncategorized

Ever wondered what it would be like to live under a Big Brother-style government? I think North Koreans do:

North Korean state television is showing a series of programmes instructing shabbily coiffured men on the personal grooming required of a citizen of the vehemently anti-capitalist state.

The five-part series, entitled “Let’s trim our hair in accordance with the socialist lifestyle”, exhorted them to opt for one of several officially sanctioned haircuts, including the crew cut and the “high, middle and low” styles. Hair should be kept between 1cm and 5cm in length and should be trimmed every 15 days, it said.

Their policies on sex must be scary. I especially loved this quote:

People who wear other’s style of dress and live in other’s style will become fools and that nation will come to ruin.

I mean come on! Had the West entertained this kind of thinking, the 80s would never have happened!

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[ # 19 ] Comment from Jane Doe [22 November, 2006, 8:45]

It’s so hard to imagine that obeying instruction like this is part of some people’s everyday life. In the western world we’re given such freedom that I can’t even comprehend this type of lifestyle.

My initial reaction was, “what if people don’t want to do that”, but I guess if you’re raised in that culture you don’t know any different.

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