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[ # ] Child Labour 2.0
November 2nd, 2006 under Uncategorized

What is it with parents who force their views on kids? I mean is it so difficult to get them to grow up well adjusted? A few weeks ago, there was a story going around about a film called Jesus Camp. Kids learn about Christ and then go out and preach. Here’s an example:

In another scene, Rachael, who has a habit of nervously holding her breath as she talks, clearly parroting the lessons about faith and values she’s learned at home and at church, walks up to three older African-American men seated in a park in Washington, D.C., where she has traveled with her parents to take part in an anti-abortion demonstration.

“Hi,” Rachael says, arm semi-outstretched with a Bible tract in hand. “If you died tonight, where do you think you’d go?”
“Heaven,” one of the men says.
“Are you sure?” the little girl prods.
“Yes,” the man says pleasantly.
As she walks away, clearly flummoxed by the encounter, Rachael whispers to the two kids with her, “I think they were Muslims.”

Children don’t understand the world they are living in. How can they possibly comprehend the afterlife.

So if that isn’t bad enough, there was a link on reddit to the most racist ad ever. While the association the ad represents clearly do not share my views, it’s their right to tell whoever is dumb enough to listen. What I object to, is the use of children to promote their ideology. Enter Prussian Blue! Two 14 year old girls who sing about “white separatism”. Here’s an example of some lyrics:

ALL the mud races must be banished,
For look at the world they have damaged.
Look around and what do I see?
Ugly brown faces staring at me.

That’s not separatism, that’s supremacy folks. Want to know how they got their name?:

The band was named after the color Prussian blue, a reference to the name of the blue residue left over by the use of Zyklon B, the poison the Nazis employed to kill millions of Jews and others in concentration camps during World War II.

Those words are not from the twins, they are from their parents. So my question is, why do they use cute and cuddly kids extoll the views of their parents? Because it sells well, of course. I believe that the parents of these children should seriously be held for child labour. This is the definition:

States Parties recognize the right of the child to be protected from economic exploitation and from performing any work that is likely to be hazardous or to interfere with the child’s education, or to be harmful to the child’s health or physical, mental, spiritual, moral or social development.

Last time I checked, the United States are part of the UN right? Do you think these children are going to grow up well-adjusted?

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[ # 6 ] Comment from Vaughan [2 November, 2006, 8:43]

Informative as usual.

[ # 7 ] Comment from Jane Doe [2 November, 2006, 15:33]

I think what is sadder here than child labour and the use of children to promote their parents ideals in any way, shape or form. Is the fact that parents (or society) are forcing children to become adults faster.

Children, at an anti-abortion demonstration? Kids shouldn’t have to worry about stuff like that.

Kids should be left to worry about being kids while adults are off trying to make the world a safer place for their kids to be adults in.

[ # 8 ] Comment from Anonymous [5 November, 2006, 0:51]

Hey and while you’re at it don’t forget both the child pop side as show by Smoosh:


And of course the youngest racist on display best learned about from:


By the way the lyrics you claim are from Prussian Blue are really from a black racist who is trying to stir things up. That whole billboard thing is a hoax. You should be intelligent enough to check facts if your going to write about something. This is why so many still believe in the greatest hoax ever created. It was called the holocaust and if you need proof do something new, perform some research.

[ # 9 ] Comment from John Doe [5 November, 2006, 9:16]

I’m not sure I understand the relevance of Smoosh in this issue. It doesn’t look like they are pushing some ideological agenda. Then again I haven’t read or heard any of their songs.

Again, I believe Autum Ashante is the one that is going to become a victim of her parent’s views. I’m pretty sure that she didn’t write that poetry. Just another example of how not to bring up your kids.

As for my research on Prussian Blue, what billboard thing are you talking about? I obtained all my facts from wikipedia. If you have some evidence that disputes it, please share it with us. I’ve done the research and can prove where I got my facts. It seems you are unwilling/unable to provide yours. So if you have anything to add to the discourse, please share it with us. I can’t wait to check your sources.

[ # 10 ] Comment from Anonymous [8 November, 2006, 7:09]

Well if gained your facts from wikipedia maybe you need a lesson in internet usage. Wikipedia is mostly a hack job of unverified facts that some fools allow anyone to post. Unless it is about White Nationalism which is censored. Show me the link on Billboard that displays what you say. If you want to verify what type of songs PB does why not try there site. It is http://www.prussianblue.net . None of there song are racist unlike Autum Ashante who’s total public image is that of what she is a seven year old racist. PB are White Nationalists, not white supremacist as is so often claimed. Second your point was child labor, not politics and just for the record I happen to think Smoosh is a very good young band. Here maybe this will help in your next blog entry:


Also you can see an extensive discussion on this subject at what used to be the ‘evil-olsen-twins’ site but is now just Olsen Twins vs Prussian Blue. You may not agree with the politics but then we wouldn’t agree with yours.


[ # 11 ] Comment from Anonymous [8 November, 2006, 7:17]

Quick question. You claim to have researched all your claims. How about posting PROOF of any of the claimed millions of bodies that were killed by Zyklon B. You can’t because there were none. Did you know the gas chamber at Auschwitz was built two years AFTER the war by the Russians. Wake up people your blindness will be your downfall.

[ # 13 ] Comment from Jane Doe [8 November, 2006, 14:58]

Anon, those are some interesting points you have raised there. Wikipedia isn’t meant for pure research, but it does have links to many other sites to verify content.

I think though that you’re missing the point of the article. I think what was being said was that there appear to be examples of parents who force their ideology onto their children.

Now you might say that the example john is providing is flawed and therefore shouldn’t be used to prove a point. Regardless of the discussion about the lyrics, from your post you say that PB are White Nationalists. If you are an outspoken White Nationalist at age 13 then I think your parents had a big influence in getting you to think like that. And if you’re 13 I don’t think that you’re interested in recording or are able to record your own music unless your parents have given express permission to whoever scouted the band out.

Parents that influence their kids with any ideology (main stream or extreme) and then use their kids to continue to distribute their ideas, especially in a way that makes money, is potentially hazardous to the child.

[ # 14 ] Comment from GEEBEE [8 November, 2006, 19:34]

I can’t believe people dispute the holocaust!! Is it just this one or are you into all conspiracy theories? Next thing, you’ll be telling me you and the abominable snowman hitched a ride to roswel, climbed onto an alien craft and were the first people/snowmen to set foot on the moon!

[ # 15 ] Comment from JohnDoe [8 November, 2006, 19:58]

Actually, it’s not a hack job so I trust it. And why do you keep bringing something up called Billboard? What is that?

“You may not agree with the politics but then we wouldn’t agree with yours.”

I can agree to that. Can you agree to not use children to push your politics?

Why are you trying to get me to defend the holocaust? That’s not the point of the post. These children didn’t learn about Zkylon B from their last Sunday School outing(although with those kinds of parents, they may have). Whether the holocaust happened, or did not happen, is a completely moot point and totally irrelevant to this discussion. The fact that the name of their band is related to such a heinous concept is evidence to me that they are merely the mouthpiece for their parents. And that’s a damn shame.

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