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[ # ] We can’t all be rock stars
November 23rd, 2006 under Uncategorized

I’ve always wondered about my musical ability and I stumbled across Jake Mandell’s site which is supposed to test for tone deafness. I would think that if you scored less than 50%, you would be considered tone deaf because you would do better just by randomly hitting buttons.

Again, I scored below average! Only 69.3% when “normal” is considered 70% and of 15000 people, only 23% did worse than I did. I’m sure all these online tests are conspiring against me! :P. I guess I haven’t been playing enough guitar in order to promote my understanding of music :P.

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[ # 20 ] Comment from Bob Smith [24 November, 2006, 9:01]

86.1% Correct baby!!!!!!

If only I had enough commitment to learn to properly play an instrument.


[ # 21 ] Comment from Bob Smith [24 November, 2006, 9:03]

PS we should get the old man to take this test, see if he really is tone deaf.



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