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[ # ] Perspective & Global Warming
January 7th, 2007 under Uncategorized

I’m sure everyone can agree that the media would not be where it is today if it weren’t for sensationalism. I used to really fear the effect that Global Warming was going to have on earth if we didn’t do something. I remember, after hearing about CFCs for the first time, running around the house, checking all the aerosol cans to make sure they didn’t contain these gases of impending death. Then last year, I read a speech that was given by Michael Crichton. I really can’t do it justice by summarizing his points and you should really go and read it. Suffice to say, I don’t really worry about that kind of stuff anymore.

Now don’t think that I’m disputing commonly held scientific opinion. That’s not my intention. It’s just clear to me, that despite what the media tells you, our civilization is not teetering on the edge of total oblivion. Governments will govern (poorly) and it will be contained. In order to get close to half of the actual truth, it seems you need the same story from at least 5 different sources. I’m just a bit tired of articles on science/technology that tell of an amazing new breakthrough, only to never hear about it again. It just amounts to bad journalism by people who should know better/do more research.

Frankly, I have more important stuff to worry about. Like Nostradamus latest prediction, for instance

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[ # 23 ] Comment from Jane Doe [8 January, 2007, 8:15]

The essay was a surprisingly good read, you can tell that the author writes as a profession. Usually any article that long I don’t even bother with!

But yes, good points. I’m trying to get myself out of the habit of absorbing so much media influence every day. Right now it’s trying to avoid reading the headlines on the lampposts on the way to work. Even though I know that I shouldn’t worry about half the stuff I read, it would still be better if I just ignored them. After all – I’ll find out the important stuff eventually… There was a good saying going around a while back – “Good news can wait, and bad news will never go away.”

[ # 24 ] Comment from Vaughan [8 January, 2007, 8:28]

‘Nostradamus latest prediction’??? I thought he was DEAD?!? So what was his last prediction anyway?

I haven’t read Micheal Crichton’s story because it seems to long to keep my interest.

I also am unfazed by the media’s stories of impending doom.

[ # 25 ] Comment from Dale Nunns [8 January, 2007, 9:40]

You should read a book by Michael Crichton called State of Fear. It’s rather new (think it came out last year.) It wouldn’t surprise me if this speech wasn’t based on the research the he did for the book. (He tends to research something he’s writing about so much that he ends up an “expert” on it.)

The book while telling a fictional story (or at least I hope it’s fictional) about a group of ‘eco terrorists’ who are trying to make people believe that the world is going through extreme climate change by doing all kinds of weird stuff like causing rain storms, lightning and ice bergs. Almost all the information the book is based on is fact and Michael puts tons of little footnotes in the book that point to various thesis’s, papers and articles to support what he is writing about.

[ # 26 ] Comment from JohnDoe [8 January, 2007, 9:46]

In the link he states that it was in fact the research for his book.

[ # 27 ] Comment from Dale Nunns [9 January, 2007, 9:43]

Whoops should of read the whole thing…

[ # 28 ] Comment from Bob Smith [9 January, 2007, 19:20]

Thought this was in keeping with the theme:


[ # 29 ] Comment from Rox [11 January, 2007, 15:42]

Not to trivialise the matters behind sensationalism, but the first thing that came to mind when I saw this was the South Park episode ‘ManBearPig’, which features Al Gore freaking out over a ‘thuper therial’ threat… sick but funny.

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