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Published on Sunday, November 5th, 2006 at 7:14 pm

Sunday was a beautiful day so we decided to get up Table Mountain again. This time via Skeleton Gorge through Kirstenbosch Gardens.

The climb is basically uphill with no level bits along the way. But as you get out of the forest you get this awesome view stretching out behind you.

Skeleton Gorge view

Once at the top we took the option of walking to the reservoirs. You wouldn’t guess that the picture below was taken at the top of the mountain. It looks like it should lead to a beach somewhere.

Beach Mountain

And the boys, Sean and Richard. Again, hard to believe this is on top of the mountain.

Sean and Richard

Richard and me heading back down.

Richard and Me

Being the girl, I am permitted the random photo of the cute lizard. Although, being a girl, it sould really have been a random photo of a flower or something :p

Cute lizzard

And on our way back down before our legs turned to jelly.


At least it felt like we accomplished something this weekend. Along with a well deserved nap.

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3 Responses to “Skeleton Gorge with Boys”

  1. Hi Rachel,
    Amazing what you find when you should be working… nice site.


  2. hi
    I liked your pictures. It seems that you are having an advanturous life. Lucky you!

  3. Thanks. It’s just great that it’s summer again giving me longer days to get out and do things.

    You take care :)

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