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Published on Saturday, November 11th, 2006 at 9:07 pm

At work, every other day I try to go for a walk around the Company Gardens. They are just a few roads over from work and it’s a great stress relief to go wonder around the greenery.


The Gardens are surrounded by all of the museums, and standing on the grass in the center of them, you can look back at Table Mountain.

Table Mountain

At the part where I enter the Gardens, you can see Lion’s Head poking out from behind the trees.

Lion's Head

It’s just great to get outside and get some fresh air during the day, and since it’s most beautiful in summer, I thought I’d post some pictures about it now while the weather is so awesome.

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  1. Nice… All I got is a ugly gray office park to walk around, and the only greenery is the awful sea green that they painted bits of the buildings… oh and the odd flower or dieing tree… although there is a nice park down the road from us… pity the wifi won’t reach it :(

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