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Published on Saturday, February 24th, 2007 at 9:01 pm

On Saturday we went to Boulders Beach in Simons Town to check out the penguins. We chose a really beautiful morning to go and managed to get there before the crowds had hit and before the penguins headed for shelter from the hot sun.

At the one side of the protected area is the penguin breeding ground where we saw the parents caring for the chicks. Seagulls are predators to the chicks and eggs and it was incredible to watch the adult penguins stare an unlucky seagull down. As he walked around the beach, the penguins kept their beaks pointed straight at him.

Brace yourself for a girly comment! After all, penguins! Awwwww!!!!! Especially penguins with baby penguins…

In the background here you can see part of the channel that links the beach area to the breeding gound. All the time the penguins are right next to you. You can swim in great pig pools protected from the ocean currents. And the awesome thing is that the water is relatively warm. (For Cape Town I mean.)

Richard checking out the penguins.

Another view from the channel back to the beach. If you walk through the gaps in the boulders you can reach some more beautiful quiet spots.

Another great day out. It’s wonderful that it’s still summer. And (again) YAY FOR PENGUINS!!!

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  1. *sigh* spend too much time round computers… when I saw the title I thought you installed Linux or something. So let me just be the first to say “I for one, welcome our new penguin overlords…”

    Nice pictures…

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