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Published on Sunday, March 11th, 2007 at 8:27 pm

Skiing in Vermont

Richard and I took the Friday off work and headed to Hermanus on the Thursday evening. His friends were going to be there from the Friday afternoon, so we thought we’d make the most of it and turn it into a long weekend.

We found a great campsite right on the water and set up camp before heading in to town to find some supper.

This is Richard in the Panarotti’s Monster.

The sea was so loud that night that it was difficult to sleep, but the stars and the moon were beautiful to watch. And on Friday morning we were treated to a beautiful sunrise while avoiding the kelp lice.

Here you can see our camp site and the view from inside the tent.

Then after breakfast and a quick trip to Hermanus for supplies we packed up and headed to the next camp site, where Richard’s friends Jaque and Kyle were going to meet us.

They arrived late from all the roadworks, so we chilled by the pool and waited for them. When they arrived we went off to the Gecko Bar at the new Harbour (thanks to directions from an American) to sit and enjoy the afternoon with a few drinks.

And we continued in the drinking style with relaxing by the pool back at the chalets.

It was quite a great setup they had there, a nice big pool and lots of open grass for tanning or a game of touch rugby.

Unfortunately that was my last day there as I needed to get back to Cape Town to see Nena and Narelle. But it was really awesome to get away from it all and taking that extra day off was just brilliant.

Cycling the Argus vicariously through others

Nena arrived on the Saturday morning to cycle the Argus. Narelle also came down with her folks as her dad was cycling it.

This is Narelle and I at the Waterfront.

I got to see Nena for a big longer, and she and I headed to the beach on the Saturday afternoon. We went down to catch some sun on Llundudno.

And after the race Richard came round on his way back from Hermanus and Nena completely crashed on the couch!

All in all, quite a weekend. I think I need a holiday…

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  1. There is totally only ONE way to participate in the Argus and that’s vicariously! You go, girl!

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