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Published on Sunday, April 1st, 2007 at 8:53 pm

We went down to Llundudno on Sunday evening for a walk on the beach. By going in the evening we hoped to avoid the boiling heatwave weather but landed up walking in the wind.

Richard seems to be a complete dog magnet. We walked all around the boulders and the beach with the big husky / alsatian looking dog before it bounded off to love other beach goers.

Below is Ruth, Me and Richard on the boulders side of the beach.

And then the beach itself. The wind had blown the waves out completely but there were still surfers trying to catch the last waves of the day. And as usual, the beautiful blue color of the water was amazing.

Me and Richard trying not to get blown over. So yay, that was fun. Next time hopefully less wind…

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2 Responses to “Walking other people’s dogs on Llundudno Beach”

  1. for a moment I thought the name was a typo for Llandudno but obvious this is somewhere on the other side of the world with an entirely different climate — one street in Llandudno gets so much wind it is nick-named “pneumonia alley”

  2. Ironically around the corner from this beach in Hout Bay which is always the most windy place in Cape Town. Usually it’s quite sheltered here though.

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