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Published on Tuesday, April 10th, 2007 at 9:06 pm

Hooray for holiday again! I took full advantage of the long weekend and booked off an extra two days to make the trip even longer. So I arrived in Wilderness on the Thursday morning to start the chilled weekend.

On Easter Sunday we always head up to the hill to watch the sun rise with the early birds from Church. Thankfully the early wake up was worth it and we got a great view of the sun rising.

My dad’s youth group took care of the music for the service.

And below you can see the view of the river running through Ebb ‘n Flow with the mist waiting on the right hand side there.

Back at home we chilled on the couch for a bit while chomping easter eggs before the naps got hold of everyone.

So I took photos of everyone while they napped before I headed down to the beach for a walk and a swim before lunch at the Nienaber’s.

We had a great braai in town and headed back to Wilderness for a braai for dinner.

It was also fun having Kiernan and Kirsten around for the weekend. But it felt weird waving them goodbye for their drive back to Cape Town on Monday (with Ruth and Richard) while I stayed an extra day and caught some sun. Back in 6 weeks and I can’t wait!!

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