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Published on Sunday, April 15th, 2007 at 6:26 pm

On Saturday Night we went to Shaun and Mariette’s for a DIY Sushi evening. They had all the ingredients set out and we had a great time learning how to roll our own.

Ater setting out the nori (roasted seaweed) on the bamboo mats, you spread as much rice as you need to make a layer.

Add some fish, avo, cucumber and the likes and roll up carefully.

And pass to Jean to cut nicely and put on the plates.

This was one of about 4 plates that evening. Quite a lot of sushi!

When we were all fed up we settled down to watch South Africa drop all of their catches and lose spectacularly to New Zealand. Thankfully the conversation and hunt for golden eggs was far more stimulating than the cricket!

Many thanks to the Parsons for hosting such a fantastic evening!

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