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Published on Monday, April 30th, 2007 at 7:26 pm

Hooray for long weekends! We went through to Langebaan on Saturday morning to hang out with Jean, Cuz, Gareth and Clare at Jean’s Aunt’s place in Langebaan. Thankfully the weather had cleared up quite a bit and we were able to spend the day walking on the beach.

It was great to get away to just relax for the weekend. There was much guitar playing, book reading, VIP evacuating and lots of food!

The boys and their convertibles… and gas canister. I was amazed that we could get it into the tiny boot of Gareth’s car at all!

Lots of smiles on Langebaan’s main beach before the Arctic Swim portion of the weekend.

Cuz and Gareth checking out the toys on the beach.

And Richard loving all the dogs in a km radius before joining Gareth to take on the local high school lads in touch rugby.

After the crazy cold swim we went for soft serve at Pancakes Galore on the main road. Yumm!!

The afternoon wound down with some Counterstrike, lunch and some awesome naps! Then many thanks to the braaimaster boys for a super supper (in between the brutal chess slayings that were being dished out by Gareth.)

And thanks Jean for organising it all. When can we go again?

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3 Responses to “Langebaan Fireside LAN / Arctic Swim Weekend”

  1. Yay for more cool photos! On Richard’s behalf, I’ll clarify that his love for all the dogs in a km radius was purely platonic ;-) And I’m sorry that there’s no photographic evidence of the swim!

  2. Or photographic evidence of those pot breads… yum!!

  3. Haha! That touch rugby gave me blisters :(. Fortunately, I had my very own naughty nurse to help with the healing :D.

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