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Published on Wednesday, July 4th, 2007 at 7:44 am

Be prepared for a lot of photos with this one, the views were too stunning to single out only a few…

Yes, for those of you confused that my birthday is not listed in facebook, Monday was indeed my birthday :) So Ruth took the day off with me and we had a great day outdoors which always beats a day in the office!

We left early in the morning for a walk up Noordhoek Peak. Well, I was keen on getting to Chapmans Peak, but by the time we got to Noordhoek Peak I was very much not keen for the extra hour walk to Chappies. Besides, I’m still conviced the view we had was better.

The reservoir was completely still thanks to the completely windless morning. You know, I can’t think of a single weekend morning where the weather has been this beautiful! I’m all in favor of moving my weekends to be during the week. Nicer weather and you get the reserve all to yourself…

As you start picking up the pace a bit, the views start to get great. Not far in we could already look back at False Bay and Simon’s Town.

Further on there is a detour to the left of the peak that takes you the lookout over Noordhoek and the back of Chappies.

Still further on, the view of False Bay gets pretty good. Over the top of Muizemberg Peak you can see right the way to Kogel Bay.

Then we started climbing for the view of Hout Bay. This is the first glimpse we got of the Sentinal.

Ruth looking down at Chapman’s Peak Drive.

And then the views from the top of the peak at last! This is looking down at Hout Bay. You can see from the beautiful color of the water that there was absolutely no wind.

Then looking back over Noordhoek again at long beach.

Me at the top.

Looking back towards Simon’s Town again.

Ruth on the peak.

Looking over towards Constantia Berg with the back of the 12 Apostles and Little Lion’s Head on the left there.

We headed back down again to see the fire lookout by Elephants Eye.

And coming around the end of the route heading back down towards the reservoir.

Such an awesome day :) Thanks Ruth for taking the day off to come and play in the mountains with me!

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  1. Thank you so much for the awesome pictures!!!! I posted one of your pics on my facebook wall. I would like to give you the credit for it, but I don’t know your name!!!! Can’t seem to find it ….. :-(

  2. Thanks Jo :) My name is Rachel.

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