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Published on Monday, July 16th, 2007 at 9:44 pm

It was great to get away from Cape Town early on the Friday. I thought the traffic getting to George was going to be way worse. Jacques has sorted out some sweet accommodation at the Blue Whale in Pacaltsdorp (i know!) and I was quite thankful to not have to drive all the way to Knysna that evening.

I dashed home to Wilderness to get some stuff and you can imagine my amazement when I got to the place and the fire was already going!

(Why do I look so tired?!? It was still EARLY!)

Kyle giving Richard some air-drumming technique pointers there.

The next morning we got to really take in the stunning view from the chalet. You can see all the way up to Mossel Bay along the coast.

Here is a shot of the chalet and the view from out of the bedroom window.

After we had lost the rugby we headed through to Knysna to see what was going on at the festival. But it was more fun to sit at the docks to check out the boats and have a drink. And watch the crazy locals with their cell phone calls and hand bag dogs…

We headed off next to Crabs Creek to grab a drink before we headed out of Knysna. This seemed to be the same idea that the rest of the festival had as it was COMPLETELY packed by the time we got there.

Also, the whole concept of buying tickets for food and drink was just insane. I guess in some cases it would have it’s place, but when the majority of your patrons are rather tipsey it’s difficult to understand a system that’s confusing enough when you’re sober.

We found a great spot outside in the sunshine. It was so awesome to be so fortunate with the weather! Below is the view looking out over the lagoon.

There were also three little kids playing by the lagoon playing with a boat. Probably the young Kyle, Richard and Jacques getting ready to get up to mischief…

Back at base camp the fire was on the go again and Jacques and I were preparing a first class potjie.

While Kyle and Richard played a suprisingly good game of Sours Chess. For Kyle’s benefit, next time we’ll put a different colored alcohol in the king pieces though.

On Sunday we wanted to head off pretty early but we had time for a quick stroll down to the waters edge. Wow, I really can’t emphasise enough how awesome the accommodation was. Jacques really outdid himself this time.

And one last pic of me and my boy to round off this post. It was indeed a great trip! Boys – I’ll be your designated driver any time!

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