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Published on Monday, July 23rd, 2007 at 9:00 pm

Years ago we used to have family holidays every year. Most of the time we’d head to Wilderness (before we moved there) or to the Drakensburg or (and this is way back in the day) Umhlanga Rocks. Living in Wilderness is almost like living on holiday so that fell away a bit when we moved down. But we decided to revive the idea this past weekend.

We drove to Hermanus in the pouring rain on Friday and was suprised to wake up to chilly but dry weather on the Saturday morning.

This is the view looking across from the Esplanades, which is where we seem to stay every time the family holidays in Hermanus. We took advantage of the clear weather for a morning walk.

The dassies are very friendly to the tourists. You can get right up close to them before they decide that maybe you don’t have food on you after all.

It was rather quiet around town in the morning, but for those up bright and earlyish, we got to see the whales. It’s only the beginning of whale season but there were so many to see! I so need a zoom lens on my camera…

The Esplanades place is quite nice. It sleeps six upstairs and has a big open plan kitchen, dining room, lounge on the ground floor. It also has a great view out to the harbour.

On Saturday afternoon we went to visit Wendy’s family in Onrus just outside of Hermanus. We took the kids down to play on the beach and came back completely worn out.

Below, that’s Erin and Lindsay in the photo with us.

On Sunday we went for a walk along the concrete pathways on the cliffs. We were so lucky that the weather had held out for the whole weekend. There is also this awesome tidal pool on the way, pity it wasn’t warmer!

Before we left we took a drive on the scenic road above Hermanus for some views of the bay.

Between the whales, the weather and the company it really was a super weekend. And congratulations to Richard for surviving a weekend with my family :)

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