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Published on Sunday, February 10th, 2008 at 1:16 am

Having finally completed the move into our new house, we took a time out to do touristy things. It was a beautiful day so we took a walk through the parks in Central London.

We started at St James’s Park and walked all the way through Hyde Park to Kensington Gardens.

This statue is in front of Buckingham Palace at the top of the Victoria Memorial.

You can find this statue on the palace side of the memorial and it dates back to 1911.

Since we arrived pretty much everyone has apologised about the weather. As you can see in the pictures, today we had completely clear skies and were walking around without coats or warm tops on. And come to think of it, there has been sun more often than not. Fingers crossed that the weather stays this awesome…

This is the Wellington Arch Quadriga which is just south of Hyde Park. It dates to 1912 and is the largest bronze sculpture in Europe.

The last stop for the day was Kensington Gardens. This sculpture called “Physical Energy” by Watts and it caught our eye because it looked familiar. It turns out that there is an identical bronze statue in Cape Town at Rhodes Memorial.

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