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Published on Sunday, March 16th, 2008 at 1:40 pm

This week has been a week of storms in London. So I thought I would go back a week and post some pictures of Spring in St James’s Park. All throughout the park there are blossoms on the trees and flowers blooming in the grass.

There are a few flower beds in the park, but mostly the flowers just grow wherever they want. There are large patches of lillies and daffodils wherever you look.

At the eastern end of the park you can look over the Horse Guard Parade and up at the London Eye.

The picture below was taken from the bridge in the center of the park looking towards the Houses of Parliament.

The last picture is my favourite though. I liked the way the group of girls had mostly dressed in pink and chosen a pink-blossomed tree to sit under.

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One Response to “Spring in St James’s Park”

  1. “This week has been a week of storms in London…” [tsk! We've been having LOVELY weather]
    “There are a few flower beds in the park…” [we have LOTS of flower beds - everywhere]

    Clearly, this place is not a patch on the sunny skies and chevrolet of SA. Come home!

    Love always

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