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Published on Saturday, May 24th, 2008 at 9:13 pm

On saturday morning, Richard and I headed off to visit the Tate Modern museum. We passed through one of those markets you see when you watch Jamie Oliver cooking shows – where there is fresh fruit, fresh fish, sky-high piles of chocolate brownies and other yummy things, all just off the main street somewhere in London. Pity we didn’t have a cooler bag or we could have scored some nice salmon for sushi!

On the way to the museum we passed this hilarious building with 3D art decorating it.

And at the Tate there was some extreme biking day going on. So we got a few photies before moving inside.

Some of the more modern stuff I just didn’t get. I don’t understand why a row of 16 bricks is considered important art. We had a good time though looking at the surrealist pantings on the lower floors – that’s more my kind of thing! It is great that so many of the museums are free. Next up – the Natural History Museum I think…

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