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Published on Saturday, June 14th, 2008 at 11:49 pm

My folks arrived on Saturday for a weekend in London before heading up to Scotland. I had this brilliant plan of taking them to see my lunch spot at St James’s Park, but didn’t think about the HORDES of people that would be around for Trooping the Colours.

From wikipedia “Trooping the Colour is an old ceremony whereby the battalion would fall in by companies and the colour-party would “troop” or march the colours through the ranks so that every man would see that the colours were intact. This was done before and after every battle. This ceremony has been retained through time and is today largely ceremonial.”

These days it is performed for the Queen’s birthday celebrations.

We didn’t stay for the whole thing because everyone was quite tired from the early early airport visit. So we went into town to find camping stores before having an early night.

Sunday was a far quieter day in the park. We got to see the pelicans, and the flags from the day before were still lining the roads.

We had some photos in front of the palace before walking through Green Park to get back on the tube.

Danny and Jo put on a super braai for us. This time without the part where the garden awning blows away. It was a great afternoon and we were so lucky with the weather! From here, the folks are off to Scotland where I’ll join them on Wednesday.

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