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Published on Wednesday, June 25th, 2008 at 11:34 pm

On one of the clearer days (apart from the minor shower) we headed out to Yetholm Mains for a walk in the hills. We did part of St Cuthbert’s Way and a little of the Penine Way but mostly just explored the hills in the sunshine. I landed up going to Scotland to get a sunburn it seems!

This was taken at the top of the Star road looking up at the Hamiltons. (It’s spelt Humbletons but my great-uncle pronounces is Hamiltons – it’s quite confusing.) It’s quite interesting to find out that most of the hills have their own names.

Another shot looking in the opposite direction while walking near the burn.

This shot of the sheep I think is my favorite photo for the year. It reminds me of the one lookout Indian in a Cowboy movie when the Cowboys realise too late that there is a whole army of Indians waiting over the hill. I also like the Crows of Doom circling overhead.

And a nice family shot before lunch.

I also like this photo of my dad. The single male figure on a hill on a farm stuck me as a “Faith Like Potatoes” type of picture even though I haven’t seen the movie.

I really love spending time on the farm. It’s so timeless there – always exactly the same and always so peaceful. And it was so fantastic to be outdoors where there was no-one else around.

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2 Responses to “Oh to be OUTSIDE!!!”

  1. Hey :-)

    Thought I should drop a note and say “hi”…

    Love all the pics…

    BTW the sheep one is now my background :-)

    (From a cold, windy and often wet Capetown.)

  2. Just like the classic Windows wallpapers! Beautiful, makes me miss the rolling hills of England a little…

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