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Published on Sunday, July 6th, 2008 at 9:50 pm

The Natural History Museum is another one of the museums we wanted to knock off our list of things to see, so we went to spend the day there with Karen.

We started on the Earth side (the part with volcanos and rocks) and didn’t manage to get to the Animal / Creature side because, like the Science Museum, there is just so much stored in one building!

These are some of the statues in the entrance to the Earth side of the museum.

Above those statues, painted on the walls is a huge star chart.

The picture above is of a table top made from various Roman marbles. At the moment (and I’m writing this a few month’s later) I’m going through a series called “The Ascent of Man” which is a brief history of mankind, and I wish I had been through it before seeing the museum as it has definitely given me a greater appreciation of the history behind an exhibition piece such as this one.

Then on the left here is Richard and Karen watching bubbles rise through various liquids. Very calming to watch…

Above is Karen and one HUGE GIANT prehistoric fishy, and below, some sort of important looking rock.

I’m still amazed at how we can’t manage to get through a museum in a day – next time we’ll have to hit the dinosaur section!! We’ll just have to buy Richard that Dino comics shirt first…

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  1. I love the natural history museum – I went three times while I lived in London. I just about managed to see everything in that time!

    My favourite museum in the UK.

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