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Published on Thursday, July 31st, 2008 at 9:24 pm

The park at the moment is full of baby things. Duckings, signets, geese, you name it! I have great fun sitting on the benches watching the mom’s brood over their young now.

Ducklings at St James Park

I’ve also taken to feeding them the crusts from the bread we eat during the week. It’s very theraputic to be the center of attention for ten minutes in the morning.

Feeding swans in the park

And if you’re really patient, almost everything there will eat straight out of your hand! I’ve tried it with the geese, the ducks and mom swan – next week I’m going to see if dad swan will let me feed his signet. He and mom swan are so protective over it, so here’s me hoping that the next photos aren’t of me with a bandaged up hand…

Baby swan (signet but baby swan sounds cooler) and mom

Baby Swan!!

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