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Published on Sunday, August 10th, 2008 at 10:40 pm

This month, Richard and I have been dating for two years! So for our anniversary we decided to take a trip to Bath for the weekend.

We arrived at about 8 on the Friday evening and found our accommodation before heading off for a walk. We soon found that dotted all over Bath are these colourful pigs! It is part of an art exhibition called King Bladud’s Pigs. There are about 100 in the city and in October they will be auctioned off for charity. Some of the bids already exceed £1550!

On Saturday we headed off before the tourists to see the Roman Baths.

You are given an audio guide to hear information about the different sections of the complex and I was suprised at how big the complex is. There is a section outside surrounding the bath you see pictured here, but there is also a section indoors showing various displays of items found during excavation or models of what the complex has looked like since it’s first construction around 70AD.
Around the balcony that looks down onto the main pool, there are statues of the Roman emperors.

There was even a pig next to one of the pools! I was pretty amazed that they had allowed one to be there, but I have since found out that this one is named King Bladud’s pig. He was a mythical king of the Britons and as the story goes, he had leprosy and was employed as a swineherd. One day he lost the herd in his care but found them wallowing in the hot waters now known as the springs here. He joined them in the water and found that the waters cured his leprosy.

Below is a picture of a mosiac on display in the complex. In Roman times, people would have had detail like this on their floors.

Richard and I at the baths.

After that we headed to the Abbey. The building is beautiful (as are most of the buildings in Bath) and inside is this amazing and huge stained glass window. This picture is of the detail at the top of the window, and below it is one of the panels.

There are also ornate carvings on the ends of the pews where the choir would sit.

Pig in a tree!

On Sunday the weather was a bit better, so we enjoyed a bus top tour of the city followed by a boat trip on the River Avon. Below is a picture of Puteney Bridge.

I can’t remember which building this was, but it just shows the attention to detail on most of the buildings in Bath.

And this is a picture of our boat trip on the river.

All in all, a great weekend away. I’m really enjoying the fact that you can go to places here without a car! And it’s really got me going to organize more short weekends away.

And the find of the weekend was the Green Park Brasserie and Bar where we sat on both Friday and Saturday night to watch the live Jazz. If you’re in Bath, it’s well worth checking out!

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2 Responses to “Weekend Away to Bath”

  1. I love bath! I used to live in London so it was a quick trip on the train and I was there… lovely images.

    I recommend a trip to Exeter in Devon (thats where I am from) – it takes just over two hours by train from Paddington. Its an old original Roman city so plenty of heritage for you to enjoy. I even can recommend a few places to stay and eat there :)

  2. Thanks Craig. It really is so nice to be able to jump on a train after work on Friday and get out of the city for the weekend. And I hope we go to Bath again because it’s such a friendly chilled out city.

    I’ve been looking up Exeter – seems like it will be another great place to go check out! So I’ll be taking you up on that offer of recommending some good places to stay…

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