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Published on Saturday, February 7th, 2009 at 3:32 pm

(Catching up from earlier in the year…)

It had started snowing the evening before and we woke up on Monday morning to find everything covered in white. Having not had the internet connection installed at home yet, we trekked into London to go to work.

I couldn’t help but stop at some landmarks on the way to take photos. This is Victoria Memorial.

And Buckingham Palace.

Then walking back through St James’s Park. At this point I was enjoying how few people had come in to London that day.

The pond was mostly iced over. The birds were walking on top of the ice to get to the pathways that the parger birds had already cut into the ice.

The photo on the left is the view coming out of St James’s park. On the right is the photo of the back yard at work so that you can see just how much snow had fallen!

Most of the train services had been suspended so Richard and I met up in the early afternoon to catch one of the few trains back to Wimbledon.

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