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Published on Saturday, May 30th, 2009 at 10:39 pm
Ballachulish Hotel
After the collosal rain the night before, we woke up to a day that looked to actually be quite good weather. So we got straight to it and got on the ferry heading west over Loch Linnhe.

This photo is of the hotel in Ballachulish (pronounced ballahoolish) taken from across Loch Leven. Below is the ferry.
Looking back at the ferry
On the ferry
Boats on Loch Linnhe
We drove west aiming for Loch Sunart. Mom has come up to the highlands quite often and I thought it might be nice to head this way because she hadn’t been there before.

I might have been more hesitant had I known how tiny the roads were, but it was so beautiful!
Loch Sunart
Bluebells in the wood
The wood
Giant carved wishing mushroom along one of the paths
Bird in a tree
There are stopping places all along there road where you can park and walk off into the woods. At some spots you can walk along the river and at others you can walk on high ground next to the loch. I’m glad the weather was holding so well for us to be able to go walking around.
Map of the Bay of Flies
Loch Sunart
Mom and Me
We drove along the A861 heading for Salen. The photo below on the left is the last photo of Sunart before heading north on the very narrow and windy road to Lochailort.
Loch Sunart
Map of Sunart
Very narrow and windy road
A narrow and windy road. The roads have only enough space for one car at a time. Every so-often there are passing spaces where you can pull over to let the oncoming traffic pass. There are also poles that line the road, apparently they are there to show where the road is when it’s covered in snow.
Loch Ailort
Loch Ailort and below, Loch Eilt on the A830 towards Glenfinnan.
Loch Eilt
Loch Eilt
The Jacobite Express (aka the Hogwarts Express)
Just before Glenfinnan we noticed that a few cars had stopped alongside the road. Between the map and the guide book we were using we figured that this must be a viewing point for the Jacobite Express (aka the Hogwarts Express), and we weren’t dissapointed!
The Jacobite Express (aka the Hogwarts Express)
The Jacobite Express (aka the Hogwarts Express)
The Jacobite Express (aka the Hogwarts Express)
Glenfinnan Monument
At the top of Loch Shiel is Glenfinnan where we found the Glenfinnan Monument and the Glenfinnan Viaduct. The views from the top of the hill behind the tea-shop were well worth the walk.
Glenfinnan Monument
Glenfinnan Viaduct

At which point we stopped for lunch at the outdoor centre in Fort William. I can see why that’s my dad’s favourite shop! So much camping gear…

Glen Nevis
Glen Nevis
Mom and me at Glen Nevis
After lunch we took advantage of the continuing good weather to walk along Glen Nevis.

Below is a picture of Ben Nevis peaking out from the clouds.

I still can’t believe the good weather – I’m wearing a jacket here but I could have left it in the car!
Glen Nevis
Ben Nevis
Waterfalls in the Glen
Waterfalls in the Glen
Waterfalls in the Glen
The entrace to Glen Nevis
Boris enjoying the sun
The Ballachulish Hotel
This is the Ballachulish Hotel. We stayed in the more modern section of the hotel shown on the right.
Loch Leven and Loch Linnhe
We had dinner at the hotel in Glencoe and watched the sun set across the Loch. It’s not quite summer yet, but it’s already staying light until quite late.
Eilean Munde
Towards Glenoe

These photos above are taken from the Glencoe hotel looking towards Glencoe. Tomorrow we’ll drive that way to head home.

View from the hotel room across the Loch
View from the hotel room across the Loch

And that was the end of an amazingly long but super day. I think we were both asleep before our heads hit the pillows!

Panorama of the view from the hotel

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