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Published on Thursday, September 10th, 2009 at 11:59 pm

Getting to this hotel was the most difficult of all. Not only did I misread the address of 91 something street instead of 19 something street, but we also realised how hard it is to get directions over the phone when you don’t speak Italian and they don’t speak English. At least when you’re standing in front of someone you can gesture and point.

We made it at last and woke up to this view from our hotel room…

We spent three nights at the Villa Margherita Hotel which was amazing. It also felt like a huge luxury to be in the same place for a few days! There was more going on here because we were staying in a small town, but the beaches of the south were the best.

We did find this one little beauty though – Cala Moresca.

We spent the first day exploring the beaches and sitting in the hot tub when we needed to get out of the sun.

For our last full day we decided to go back past Cala Moresca and climb up the hill in the nature reserve behind it.

The heat made it quite a challenge but we were rewarded with a cloud for shade and a great view from the top.

After cooling off at the beach at the start of the reserve, we headed towards the beach at Marinella to see what the other side of the headland was like.

The verdict was windy and lacking in lunch facilities so we went back to Golfo Aranci for pizza.

The next four pictures are of the hotel we stayed at. Lovely big pool and a hot tub! There were also sun loungers to use in their gardens.

We decided to get clean and sit in our bathrobes on the patio to watch the sunset. Big mistake as it’s still boiling hot until long after the sun goes down! So we got dressed and headed back to the gelato store. I think we were there every night!

The following morning we were up early to get back to the airport for the flight back to Gatwick. Awesome holiday!

Some other photos from the stay at Golfo Aranci…

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