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Published on Tuesday, August 30th, 2011 at 9:53 pm

For the bank holiday weekend we set of to Wales to Canoe the Wye with Debbie, Graham, Lisa, Brad, Trev and Dave.

Heading off by the bridge in Glasbury

We set off on Saturday from Glasbury and rowed for about 18km per day to reach Hereford on Monday.

On the water

The campsite on the first night was right next to a pub. It was great to enjoy a proper dinner while camping! It was slightly strange to be camping next to a pub that was open until 2am though…

First night stop

Day 2

We took is easy in the morning only getting on the river once we had woken up and Dave and Richard had been for a run. The weather was still holding out for us but we did get a little wet on this day!

Day 2 in the Canoe

The scenery was quite beautiful and it felt great to be out of the city.

Winding down the river
For lunch or snacks we would pull over to the side of the river and sit on the bank. More often than not we would also choose to stop near some interesting piece of river and watch the other groups go over the rapids.
Snack spot
Snacks on the river bank
Richard in the steering seat
High trees lining the river

Now the next photo needs some explaining. The guys were faced with getting the canoes up from the river for the night so they would pick them up and run them up the river bank. It looked really impressive! We rewarded them with a braai. That they made :)

Canoe Vaulting
Day two campsite
The campsite on day two was pretty great. We had a spot with a view looking over the river and the most amazing braai! It’s quite unusual to have a campsite that allows open fires so we put ours to good use. I can understand why open fires aren’t allowed when we saw the group next door to us construct a fire under a gazebo and then leave it unattended to play in the river. But look how pretty the river looked that evening…
Watching the river
River Wye from the campsite
Boys enjoying the sun

Day 3

The final day was the same distance as the others but felt quite a bit longer with the last straight section. It had been a super weekend being away from London and out in the open. Thanks Debs and Gray for organizing and looking forward to the next camping trip soon!

Day three

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