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Love is only a feeling…
September 9th, 2008 under Uncategorized. [ Comments: none ]

(Drifting a away)

Justin Hawkins

Love is cool!

<Queue visuals of a sea of lighters….>

So basically, my sister gave me an assignment yesterday and this is my response. The question was:

Is love, a feeling, an action or a choice?

My initial reaction is why can’t love be all 3? Why can’t they be 3 different facets of the same diamond? It seems rather short-sighted to limit something as complex as love to one sort of concept. And yet, I can’t help but feel that two are just a natural progression from the first. Here is my attempt at making the sometimes illogical, logical:

Step 1: Love as a feeling

In order to be in the state of love, that would mean that at one point, you weren’t in love with anyone. You then meet someone who makes you feel happy. I think feeling internally happy must have a consequence on the way you go about life so…

Step 2: Love as an action

You’re in love and that will influence how you treat at least one person in your life. Even if you never tell that person, your actions are influenced. You might be more optimistic or you might more pessimistic. You might go to the gym more. You might put yourself in situations where it’s more likely you’ll run into one another. You may think more about the other person or love in general. You might even do things without realising it. At this point, you have two alternatives…

Step 3: Love as choice

Should I tell this person the way I feel? Do I take a leap and take a chance? What if I don’t tell her and it could’ve been great and I just messed up the best shot at happiness I ever had? These are the types of questions would be going through my mind.

Looking at these steps it’s easy to tell that they all occur at the start of the relationship. But if it’s true love, that’s not where it ends. If you’re lucky and you get to spend the rest of your life with the person you love, these “concepts” repeat themselves on a daily basis. If anything, that’s what love has come to mean for me.

But as you see, it all has to start somewhere. Looking at the steps it’s easy to see that it starts off with a feeling, an emotion. Isn’t this the essence of love? The fundamental part that has to exist before anything else happens? Everything els is a consequence. Without that person or thing in your life, you just don’t have the happiness that will hopefully provoke a change to make it permanent.

By now, you’re probably saying “Wow”, this guy is totally wrong. Probably but that’s the point. The question makes you reflect on what love means to you. And that’s all it is. A subjective question. By answering it, you learn a little bit more about yourself.